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I have written scientific texts for more than three decades. My field is mechanics. Adelaide Lönnberg has been making corrections to my texts since the mid 90s. During this time I have been forced also to use other proofreaders since the companies and institutions I have worked for have made contracts with other proofreaders. Therefore, I can compare Adelaide Lönnberg with several other proofreaders. I have been very satisfied with her work. The reasons for that are very clear:

She does her work very quickly. Once, for example, when I sent a one page abstract to her without advance warning, she sent her corrections within one hour and wrote to me that she was in a car going somewhere and had done all the corrections on the fly using her tablet.

Her work is almost error-free. She has never tried to change my scientific phrases although they have to be strange for a person outside the specific scientific community. It is not so easy to detect scientific phrases from my text, since there are several errors and it may be difficult to distinguish them from the scientific phrases. Being a native British English speaker gives her a solid foundation for the quality of her work.

In conclusion, I can warmly recommend her to you, as well.

Kari Santaoja
Senior Lecturer at Helsinki University of Technology

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