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MapleMountain Editing is a Finnish Company based in Helsinki. The company offers over 30 years' experience assisting with the English language revision of scientific and medical papers produced by Finnish researchers.

Each text is handled with an individual approach, based on personal experience of what it means to do research.

Every effort is made to return the work promptly, and personal communication with the editor is always available.

All work is carried out on a fully encrypted computer and securely shredded afterwards.

- Because your need is unique to us -

About the editor

Being a native English speaker is not enough for good editing work. It also requires an understanding of what the authors are trying to communicate, and the ability to help them express it clearly and concisely.

Having done biological research and knowing both Finnish and Swedish are significant aspects of this approach.

Adelaide Lönnberg
MSc Embryology & Developmental Biology

Turku University Hospital, Department Of Oncology

"I warmly recommend Adelaide and her English language revision services. She's skilled with the terms used in the medical field and in the field of clinical cancer research. Texts were revised rapidly and accurately, and she's a fantastic person to work with. Highly recommended."

Åbo Akademi University/ Department Of Speech And Language Pathology

For many years, Ms. Adelaide Lönnberg has edited our research group´s manuscripts for scientific journals in the field of speech and language pathology. She is very skilled, quick, efficient, keeps to the agreed time schedules, and her work has high quality. In addition she is a very kind person. It is a great pleasure to recommend her work!

Pirkko Rautakoski, PhD, SLP

VTT Technical Research Centre Of Finland

Voin lämpimästi suositella Adelaidea kielentarkistuksen tekijäksi. Olen tehnyt yhteistyötä Adelaiden kanssa yli kymmenen vuoden ajan ja hän on tarkastanut mm. väitöskirjani sekä useita tieteellisiä artikkeleita ja konferenssipapereita. Lisäksi Adelaide tarkistaa kaikki ’Turvallinen Liikenne 2025’ -konsortiohankkeeseen liittyvät englanninkieliset materiaalit, kuten nettisivun sisällön, raporttien abstraktit sekä muut projekteihin liittyvät julkaisut.

VTT Technical Research Centre Of Finland

I share with my colleagues the great pleasure of having Adelaide as our editor in all our scientific texts in English. During the many years we have worked with her, she has been a godsend help with high quality, prompt and quick text editions. She has been able to teach us, engineers, even a bit of social skills. She is highly appreciated professionally and a lovely person.

Harri Peltola
Principal Scientist

VTT Technical Research Centre Of Finland

For more than 20 years, Ms. Adelaide Lönnberg has edited my manuscripts for scientific journals in the field of driver behaviour and traffic safety. I have greatly appreciated her skills in scientific writing and required terminology. She always pays thorough attention to the content of manuscripts and provides useful advice on the most suitable wording. In addition to her exceptional linguistic skills, her efficiency and flexibility have been much appreciated. It is a great pleasure to recommend her excellent services.

Juha Luoma, Ph.D.

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