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Producing a research paper, especially at dissertation level, is often a long, arduous and frustrating climb. When all is said and done, the final hurdle can feel like the toughest: getting the work linguistically ready for publication. This is where we come in.

MapleMountain Editing offers over 30 years' experience assisting with the English language revision of scientific and medical papers produced by Finnish researchers. Each text is handled with an individual approach, based on personal experience of what it means to do research. Every effort is made to return the work promptly, and personal communication with the editor is always available. All work is carried out on a fully encrypted computer and securely shredded afterwards. The company is based in Finland.

The hourly rate enables the final cost to be set fairly for both the researcher and the editor. Good quality English requires less time and therefore the final price is lower; the opposite is true if there is a lot to be done. Additional work, like background research by the editor, is not generally charged. Contact us for rate details.


Adelaide does an excellent job in scientific editing. In the past 10 years she has edited e.g. my doctoral dissertation, scientific articles, technical reports and conference papers. She knows transport related terminology well. She is quick and efficient and keeps to the agreed time schedules. In addition, she is a charming and warm personality. It is a pleasure to recommend her work.

Satu Innamaa

Senior Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland




Adelaide on tehnyt kielenterkistusta moniin meidän tieteellisiin julkaisuihimme ja väitöskirjaani. Hän on aina tehnyt työnsä nopeasti, huolellisesti ja ammattitaidolla. Hän hallitsee hyvin tekniikan alan termit ja tieteellisiin julkaisuihin vaadittavan kirjoitustyylin. Kielellisen ammattitaidon lisäksi arvostan hänen joustavuuttaan ja yhteistyökykyään. Kielentarkistus on saatu tehtyä joskus hyvinkin tiukalla aikataululla.

Virpi Korpelainen

Research scientist at Centre for Metrology and Accreditation 

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I have written scientific texts for more than three decades. My field is mechanics. Adelaide Lönnberg has been making corrections to my texts since the mid 90s. During this time I have been forced also to use other proofreaders since the companies and institutions I have worked for have made contracts with other proofreaders. Therefore, I can compare Adelaide Lönnberg with several other proofreaders. I have been very satisfied with her work.

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Kari Santaoja

Senior Lecturer at Aalto University


About the Editor

Adelaide-Maple-more 300Being a native English speaker is not enough for good editing work. It also requires an understanding of what the authors are trying to communicate, and the ability to help them express it clearly and concisely. Having done biological research and knowing both Finnish and Swedish are significant aspects of this approach.

Adelaide Lönnberg 
MSc Embryology & Developmental Biology


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

MIKES Centre for Metrology and Accreditation

ELY Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

Posiva Oy

Aalto University

University of Helsinki

University of Turku

Governing Board of Suomenlinna

Finland's National Board of Antiquities

Lääketieteellinen käännöstoimisto (formerly employed)